The No. 1 Daily Deal Site of Europe

iBOOD is Europe's first and largest day-to-date site. For ten years, iBOOD has offered a brand new A-brand brand at the very best internet price.

Where do we come from?

July 12, 2004, United States of America: Matt Rutledge, designer of the one-deal-a-day concept, launches his The launch is followed with great interest in the Netherlands by Jöran Prinssen and Dennis Sanders, who are the first to be a fan of the concept. Soon, enthusiasm is transformed into actions: 'Europe needs this'. On March 18, 2005, Jöran and Dennis successfully claim the domain, the abbreviation for the Internet's Best Online Offer Daily.

It doesn't end with claiming the domain: in 10 years, iBOOD grows to be Europe's number one, is now active in seven countries and has conquered the worlds of Consumer Electronics, DIY,  Sports & Fashion and Home & Living.

Our devoted community rewards us eight times in a row to Website of the Year and with the advent of Media Saturn as the largest shareholder, there is an even more beautiful future.

‘Europe needs this'

Culture within iBOOD

Working with iBOOD is working with one of Europe's fastest growing e-commerce players in a dynamic team. In fact, we do not even think we are working. We just come here to do our thing every day: make the impossible possible.

We are intelligent, innovative and professional. We are flexible, informal and international. We are young, but there are also young people with bit more experience. In addition, we have all sorts of talents, we have no expectation and we are looking forward to things.

Within iBOOD, we divided the tasks across seven different departments: Marketing & Content, Logistics, Purchasing, Development & IT, Customer Service, Finance & HR.

The atmosphere within iBOOD is informal, open, direct and enterprising. Our "work hard" mentality goes hand in hand with our play hard philosophy and every Friday we celebrate our successes of the week with a well-deserved drink in our own bar!

Our growing plan for the coming time: launching new product categories, making leaning of functionality, and improving the current iBOOD experience.

Wanna make the difference?

Each team has its own specialty and because of the growth we experience, we are looking for talent and specialists who can help us grow and want to act in an international environment.

Are you an example of your field and do not you return for the impossible and will or can you make the difference? Let's hear, check the vacancies and contact us.

  • Freshly ground coffee

  • Friday afternoon drink in our own bar

  • Corporate parties

  • Team outings

  • Inspiring colleagues

  • Good pension 

  • Laptop and a wonderful workplace

  • Fresh fruit in your department every week

Contact us!

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